Hello Everyone!
Here’s a couple of pics to show the coziness of the New Winery, soon to open, perhaps the week of the 15th?
The Cypress Crew moved all our barrels and all of our bottling equipment across the street last Sunday. This Saturday will be moving even more, likely all the cases of Wine.
As soon as an opening date is decided on, we will let you know! We’re almost there, and looking forward to it! Cheers!

Moving sale!

Hello Everyone!
Well, tomorrow on Sunday the Cypress crew will begin moving ALL of the Red Wine Barrels and bottling equipment from our present location to our new home across the street. Our complete move is very close, within a couple of weeks! (I’ll post when it happens.)
Meanwhile, Carol has announced that the Winery is having a: “MOVING SALE: 50% OFF ALL MERCHANDISE” beginning tonight at our current location! 😍 All T-shirts, cozies, party napkins, magnets, baseball caps, wine signs, and more! Everything on sale for 50% off (except Wine). Nick and I will be on post tonight for your wine needs–and for your merch purchases at half price!
Cheers!! 🍇🍇🍇🍇

Best of both worlds!

A big “Congratuations…and Well done!” goes out to our friends and neighbors at the PHOENIX BREWING COMPANY: In particular, to Head-Brewer Duncan Macfarlane–and to brewing assistants Ian and Ryan–for earning “Best of Show” recently at the BIG BREWS OF AKRON BEERFEST for their METAMORPHOSIS Imperial Stout.
We will be more than proud to serve your “exclusively made for Cypress / Hudson and Essex” beers in our new building! Looking forward to it!

End of February….a little early!

In March, we are hoping that Cypress Winery will be moving to its new location across the street. Looking forward to it!

From time to time here in this blog, there will be more information about specific Cypress events, introduction of new wines, lists of appetizers available downstairs and other important notes you may find interesting–including special Sunday events to be announced.

Even though March hasn’t arrived and today is still February, methinks (with all due respect to February) to simply call today the first Day of March since February is a short month anyways. That way, with the new Cypress opening scheduled sometime in March, we will be one day close to the opening. A win-win situation!

More soon!