Best of both worlds!

A big “Congratuations…and Well done!” goes out to our friends and neighbors at the PHOENIX BREWING COMPANY: In particular, to Head-Brewer Duncan Macfarlane–and to brewing assistants Ian and Ryan–for earning “Best of Show” recently at the BIG BREWS OF AKRON BEERFEST for their METAMORPHOSIS Imperial Stout.
We will be more than proud to serve your “exclusively made for Cypress / Hudson and Essex” beers in our new building! Looking forward to it!

End of February….a little early!

In March, we are hoping that Cypress Winery will be moving to its new location across the street. Looking forward to it!

From time to time here in this blog, there will be more information about specific Cypress events, introduction of new wines, lists of appetizers available downstairs and other important notes you may find interesting–including special Sunday events to be announced.

Even though March hasn’t arrived and today is still February, methinks (with all due respect to February) to simply call today the first Day of March since February is a short month anyways. That way, with the new Cypress opening scheduled sometime in March, we will be one day close to the opening. A win-win situation!

More soon!

Final Friday Free Concert Series: May Through September

Hello Everyone!

“FINAL FRIDAY” free concerts in the BRICKYARD in downtown Mansfield begin the May 25th. Can’t wait!! The concerts will play every Final Friday all Summer with the final concert on September 28th.

Below are the dates for the concerts that begin at 5:30.

Bring a lawn chair—but no need to pack a lunch: There will be 10 to 12 food there ready to satisfy your appetite. 🙂

“Final Friday” Concert Series

Hello Everyone!

Summer (and even Spring) may not be here yet—but they soon will be! The merry month of MAY is just around the corner as well as our Summer’s first “Final Friday” Concert Series in the Brickyard of downtown Mansfield. Free concerts at the end of the month all Summer long! (You can’t beat that!) 🙂

> > First concert series: FRIDAY, MAY 25TH ,starting at 5:30!

Bring a lawn chair, for sure!–but no need to pack a lunch because there will be at least 10 food trucks serving whatever you like: Burgers, ribs, chicken, burritos, and desserts: Just to name a few!

Luckily, the Concert Series is “sandwiched” between to fine establishments serving beverages: Well-known CYPRESS CELLARS serves a variety of California-style Wines, both dry and semi-sweet. Our dry Reds are fermented with CA grapes by Cypress Owner and Winemaster Rick Taylor—as well as our delicious BLUEBERRY WINE. Plus, there are plenty of dry and semi-sweet White Wines are available, too. (Check out our FACEBOOK page too!!)

And next just the hill from Cypress, and next to the Brickyard band stage, are our friends and neighbors from THE PHOENIX BREWING COMPANY: Their 4th year anniversary was just celebrated on April 14. (CONGRATULATIONS!) Creators of quite delicious biers from Lagers to IPAs to Stouts….with a great variety of “Guest” beers from Millersburg, Columbus, and Jackie O’s of Athens. Based in an old mortuary, their biers will bring you back to life!

Look forward to seeing you this Summer. The Brickyard Concerts are a celebration in every sense of the word!

New Cypress: Photo Showing Original Hudson and Essex Car Company Building

Hello Everyone!

Work is progressing on the new Cypress Winery….as well as the new Hudson and Essex restaurant, and distillery. (There’s a lot to be done, of course with a potential opening in December. (??)

Meanwhile, the enlargement of the Hudson and Essex car dealership from an original 5′ x 7″ photo….to a 3 foot by 4 foot enlargement is complete! (2 of them, actually. The enlargements will be both upstairs and downstairs to see at the opening. Meanwhile, here is an advance preview!