New Cypress: Photo Showing Original Hudson and Essex Car Company Building

Hello Everyone!

Work is progressing on the new Cypress Winery….as well as the new Hudson and Essex restaurant, and distillery. (There’s a lot to be done, of course with a potential opening in December. (??)

Meanwhile, the enlargement of the Hudson and Essex car dealership from an original 5′ x 7″ photo….to a 3 foot by 4 foot enlargement is complete! (2 of them, actually. The enlargements will be both upstairs and downstairs to see at the opening. Meanwhile, here is an advance preview!

Lodi, CA and Cypress Winery in Mansfield: Great Combination!

Well, you may not have time just now to get “stuck” in Lodi, California at a tasting room.

However! There is the option to get “unstuck” at Cypress Winery in downtown Mansfield, and maybe lose some of that excess stress in the process!

Have a taste of those well-known Lodi, California Red Grapes fermented to perfection by our winemaker, Rick Taylor, in a wide selection of delicious dry red wines.

Red grapes shipped from MARCUS VINEYARD in Lodi, CA. and crushed and fermented here in Mansfield every harvest season.

Spring is only 4 weeks away! Celebrate the upcoming growing season! Both for Tomatoes AND Grapes!!    Check out the website below:

Moving to a Bigger Location in Downtown Mansfield!

It’s official! Cypress Winery will be moving–but only a stone’s away from our current location.

We will be keeping you updated with photos the construction worked which already in progress.

Thank-you to RICHLAND SOURCE for the excellent interview below: